Finding Mr. Van Wyck


Office: F-100 Staff Office -- My desk is the first desk on the right as you enter the staff office. Note, my classroom and office are in different flex areas. This year I have my own classroom and I will most often be in my classroom (E105). If I am not in my room, you can try my office at 425-431-6098.

Classroom: E-105 -- This is the straight back as you enter the E-100 flex area. My room is just accross the flex area near the double steel doors leading to the mini-yard between E & F flex areas. I will generally be in my classroom. I am usually free in the mornings after 6:45, during Advisory, and after school. Feel free to come in and get help or just hang out. If you come in and I am not helping students you may have to listen to my music.

Phone: (425) 431-6098 -- strange, but nobody ever seems to use this much anymore Mostly I cannot answer the phone during the day because I am teaching. If you need to get to me, please leave a voicemail and I will return calls within 2 school days. If I am at my desk, I will pick up.

It is difficult to check email while teaching. I usual check in the morning before classes, and again at the end of the day. I try to respond within 2 school days. I do not check emails from home.