Finding Mr. Van Wyck

When Campus is Closed

Zoom Meetings

I have switched fromm Canvas to Zoom for class meetings. All students are set to 'Mute' as they enter a meeting and must activate their mic's once in. It is also helpful, but not required to have your webcams turned on. The schedule of classes follows the schedule suggested by EWHS. To access my classes the schedule is as follows:

Odd Day (Wed.)
Meeting Schedule

Pd Course Begin
1 U.S. History 12:00
3 U.S. Histor 12:40

Even Day (Tues.)
Meeting Schedule

Pd Course Begin
2 U.S. History 12:00
4 U.S. History 12:40
6 U.S. History 01:20

(cancelled indefinitley)

I try to be available to students for an hour every day. I have developed this schedule where I will try to be in Canvas. Select the conference labelled 'Office Hours' from the Conferences tab. I am sometimes in there at other times for drop-ins so stop by before you email if you have a question.

Day Begin End
Monday 10:00 11:00
Tuesday 09:00 10:00
Wednesday 10:00 11:00
Thursday 10:00 11:00
Friday 10:00 11:00


School Phone (425) 431-6098
Google Voice ‪(440) 462-6794

The school phone system still works, but clearly duing the closure it is not possible to answer this line. If you leave a message, I will respond.

Google Voice is an online phone that has my school computer notifying me of incoming calls. It is possible to make calls and receive calls and text messages using this line. You will notice the area code is (440) which I am told is for the greater Cleveland area. If you receive a call from this area code, it is likely myself, or one of your teachers. Please take the call.

This is probably the best way to contact me. I check email frequently throughout the day. I make every effort to reply as quickly as possible. Usually during class meetings, or staff meetings, I leave email off.




When We Are On Campus

Office: F-100 Staff Office -- My desk is the first desk on the right as you enter the staff office. This year I have my own classroom and I will most often be in my classroom. If I am not in my room, you can try my office at 425-431-6098.

Classroom: F-104 -- This is the straight back as you enter the F-100 flex area. I will generally be in my classroom. I am usually free in the mornings after 6:45, during Advisory, and after school. Feel free to come in and get help or just hang out. If you come in and I am not helping students you may have to listen to my music.

Phone: (425) 431-6098 -- funny, but nobody ever seems to use this much anymore Mostly I cannot answer the phone during the day because I am teaching. If you need to get to me, please leave a voicemail and I will return calls within 2 school days. If I am at my desk, I will pick up.

It is difficult to check email while teaching. I usual check in the morning before classes, and again at the end of the day. I try to respond within 2 school days. I do not check emails from home.