Course: US/Washington State History
Credit: US History 1.0 (year long) - this course is a state mandated graduation requirement.

Enduring Understandings

This course is a chronological and thematic study, from roughly 1876 to the present, of the people and events that have shaped the course of the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries. Specific connections to Washington State history will be emphasized in several units. This course meets Washington State requirements for graduation. Each teacher will provide opportunities for students to complete state mandated CBAs on constitutional issues.

Semester 1

Semester 2

The Big Questions





Final grades will be a compilation of the following criteria:

Late Work/Make-Up Policy

Late work may be graded at half the value of earned points. Late work will only be accepted in the school term in which it is assigned and must be submitted before the unit assessment. All work is due when the first bell rings for class. Being even a little bit late will be late work (Hint: be in your seat when the bell rings with any homework already completed). Once work is submitted it may not be re-done.

Students must schedule make-up quizzes and exams the day they return from an excused absence. It is a student's responsibility to schedule a time to make-up the quiz or exam. If the exam is not completed within 4 school days following an excused absence, a score of zero will be entered and they student may not make up the quiz or exam.

Copying, Cheating, and Plagarism

Students are expected to do their own work. The definition of cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying or lending assignments; communicating, in any way, during a test; using notes in a situation where notes are not acceptable; plagiarism (the intentional or unintentional failure to give clear credit to the author of any word/ideas not your own) in any form (individual/group work). Because these types of behavior involve submitting other people's work, credit cannot be given for this type of work. Because assignments and exams may not be re-submitted, copying, cheating, and plagarism will result in loss of credit for those assignmnets, projects, and/or exams.


All school wide attendance policies apply. You MUST be in your seat when the bell rings or you will be counted late.

Classroom Distractions and Disruptions

We are here to learn. Behavior and actions that distract from the learning of any student are not acceptable. It is necessary to demonstrate respect for other students, teachers, the classroom space, and yourself. If we all demonstrate this respect for each other and our classroom, disruptions disappear.

Backpacks, bags and purses must be kept on the floor and under your desk. Sunglasses, as well as food in the classroom are not allowed. Headphones, music players, and mobile phones need to be put away in your bags or purses. Any toys, games, devices, or stuff in general that distracts anyone in the room is also subject to confiscation. Confiscated items will be returned at the end of the class period.For second offences you will have to get items from the Dean of Students at the end of the day.